BELGIUM: collect parking spots application

admin/ January 25, 2020/ Development, Geomobility

Six years after having developed the first version, MAPTOGIS has been mandated to update the version of the Android mobile application to make a supply and demand mapping of parking on the 3700 KM of street faces in the Region of Brussels Capital, Belgium. #gis #geomobility #belgium

Let’s meet …

admin/ September 5, 2018/ Drone, Geomobility

MAPTOGIS has been a partner of the University of La Rochelle for many years, providing educational and professional support to teacher-researchers and future geomaticians involved each year in Professional License. Each promotion now has the chance to live a few days in community with the teaching team, the time to set up technical and practical mini-projects in the field. Come on … #gis #drone #remotesensing

WORLD: Galileo, first launch!

admin/ August 2, 2018/ Geomobility

After many years of waiting, the Galileo satellite positioning system is finally operational! But how can you use the signal? Is my device compatible? What is Galileo? So many questions that will be answered on the website Good reading! #gps #gnss #galileo

Geo-SCHOOL, decision-making information system on the school map

admin/ September 15, 2015/ Database, Development, Geomobility, GIS, WebGIS

MAPTOGIS presents Geo-SCHOOL, a complete geo-decisional information system for the management of the school map of a territory including a geo-mobile data collection application on touchscreen tablet, a centralized information system and an interactive geoportal . For what objectives on the ground? Set up an interactive school map throughout its territory Geolocate establishments, school and educational infrastructures of all levels, buildings of the Ministry, point of environmental interests linked to

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HAITI: launch of the national campaign of geo-census of schools SIGAPS

admin/ April 25, 2015/ Geomobility

Following the delivery by MAPTOGIS of the complete SIGAPS System (Geo-localized Information System for Support to School Planning), the national campaign to identify 16,000 schools in the country has started. In a few days and with the help of investigators recruited by the CNIGS (National Center for Geospatial Information) equipped with the SIGAPS mobile application on 10-inch Android tablets connected to the Internet, several thousand schools were identified on in

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HAITI: Decisional Information System of the SIGAPS school map

admin/ November 27, 2014/ Development, Geomobility, WebGIS

MAPTOGIS is entrusted with phases 2 and 3 of the project to set up the Geo-localized Information System for Support to School Planning (SIGAPS) of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (NENFP) Haiti. Among the tasks entrusted to us: Assistance to the Contracting Authority (AMO) of the Ministry (MENFP) and the CNIGS (National Center for Geo-Spatial Information) Analysis of technical and technological needs and recommendations Drafting of the

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