Visit of the World Bank to the actors of the E-Burkina / GIS-Rural Sector project in Burkina Faso

admin/ July 3, 2020/ Database, Development, ETL, GIS, SDI, WebGIS

As part of the E-Burkina project to set up the Geographic Information System #gis for the entire rural sector of Burkina Faso and implemented by the consortium composed of MaptoGIS (formerly 2D3D.GIS), TSI and CIRIL Group / Business Geografic division, the president of the incubation center KeoLid Innovation Mr. Lassane Ouédraogo had the honor to welcome an interministerial delegation of rural sector actors (Mr. Director of ANPTIC, Mr. Minister of

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FRANCE: Risk management and insurance

admin/ September 19, 2019/ Database, Development, WebGIS

Redesign and adaptation of an internal business application allowing underwriters of the main insurer of French local authorities (SMACL – VYV Group) to identify risks (industrial, natural, real estate, technical hazards) with scoring of external indicators on a statistical dashboard coupled with a dynamic cartographic webmapping software. #webmapping #insurance #gis #hazards

BURKINA FASO: launch of the Integrated Geographic Information System for the rural sector (SIG-SR) project

admin/ June 18, 2019/ GIS, SDI, WebGIS

Under the supervision of the National ICT Agency (ANPTIC), the consortium led by MAPTOGIS and its partners TSI and CIRIL Group Business Geografic division launches on June 10th, 2019 in Ouagaougou the project to set up an integrated Geographical Information System for the green sector (SIG-SR) for the benefit of 6 Burkina Faso Ministries (MAAH, MEA, MEEVCC, MRAH). The SIG-SR modules program includes a national spatial data infrastructure (SDI), an

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BURKINA FASO: delivery of the Land Information System for registration and management of land rights

admin/ March 14, 2019/ Database, Development, GIS, WebGIS

Here is a video showing the main features of the tool used by 15 of the municipalities of western Burkina Faso, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and DGFOMR as part of the PACOF/GRN project funded by the AFD and implemented by the consortium led by CA 17 International. A Land Information System developed in offline mode for the registration and management of land rights. #sif #sig #webmapping #burkinafaso

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FRANCE: co-activity risk management and work permit / CMMS on a Seveso site

admin/ December 23, 2018/ Database, Development, WebGIS

When geographic information and GIS are at the heart of the reflection and development of a co-activity work permit management software in a Seveso classified site, or the management of industrial risks coupled with CMMS (dashboard, creation and management of work permits, risk analysis , daily mapping, real-time mapping, management of prevention plans, …). Delivery of dedicated software for ALKION Terminals. #webmapping #cmms #gis

BURKINA FASO: Launch of Land Information System tests

admin/ May 4, 2018/ GIS, WebGIS

In partnership with the company ATLAS GIS in Benin, MAPTOGIS won the tender for the deployment of a Land Information System (LIS) as part of the support of fifteen (15) municipalities of the West of Burkina Faso. In this context, we were in charge of setting up the LIS for the management of the issuance of Rural Land Possession Certificates. After studying the existing paper forms, an application was developed

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Synchronized Drone, Orthophoto and DEM viewer

admin/ November 15, 2017/ Development, Drone, WebGIS

MAPTOGIS now makes the tool ChronoDrone available to its customers , a web viewer dedicated to some of its drone activities. This tool allows you to compare the Very High Resolution (HDR) tiled orthophotographs taken by our drones at different times. The user chooses an image in each of the parts and moves to compare them. We have just added to it a Digital Surface Model (MNS) functionality which makes

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Geo-SCHOOL, decision-making information system on the school map

admin/ September 15, 2015/ Database, Development, Geomobility, GIS, WebGIS

MAPTOGIS presents Geo-SCHOOL, a complete geo-decisional information system for the management of the school map of a territory including a geo-mobile data collection application on touchscreen tablet, a centralized information system and an interactive geoportal . For what objectives on the ground? Set up an interactive school map throughout its territory Geolocate establishments, school and educational infrastructures of all levels, buildings of the Ministry, point of environmental interests linked to

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News from Business Geografic

admin/ May 22, 2015/ WebGIS

MAPTOGIS was present at the user days of the Business Geographic editor which took place in Lyon on May 21 and 22, 2015. New products are available. The publisher has announced the convergence of its two flagship systems towards a new common platform combining powerful geo-services accessible in SaaS mode. This new platform will be called GEO for a release planned for the last quarter of 2016. Until then, its

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FRANCE: Apitox, declaration of bee poisoning

admin/ February 18, 2015/ Development, WebGIS

MAPTOGIS and the company Apinov have set up an online tool to report suspected bee poisoning. It makes it possible to position the intoxicated hives on a map and to declare an information form relating to the observations made (number of hives affected, activity of the bee, beekeepers, etc.). The purpose of this website is to constitute a census database large enough to change mentalities regarding the safeguarding and

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