FRANCE: co-activity risk management and work permit / CMMS on a Seveso site

admin/ December 23, 2018/ Database, Development, WebGIS

When geographic information and GIS are at the heart of the reflection and development of a co-activity work permit management software in a Seveso classified site, or the management of industrial risks coupled with CMMS (dashboard, creation and management of work permits, risk analysis , daily mapping, real-time mapping, management of prevention plans, …). Delivery of dedicated software for ALKION Terminals. #webmapping #cmms #gis

Thank you Viviane

admin/ September 5, 2018/ Not classified

In order to celebrate with dignity the retirement of Viviane who accompanied MAPTOGIS for many years by bringing her professionalism, her kindness and her good sense of humor, a break was essential! This was the case during this sea trip aboard the catamaran “Kapalouest”. What a good moment! Fort Boyard and in the end a cat-and-mouse game with thunderstorms on our heels: Magic.

Let’s meet …

admin/ September 5, 2018/ Drone, Geomobility

MAPTOGIS has been a partner of the University of La Rochelle for many years, providing educational and professional support to teacher-researchers and future geomaticians involved each year in Professional License. Each promotion now has the chance to live a few days in community with the teaching team, the time to set up technical and practical mini-projects in the field. Come on … #gis #drone #remotesensing

WORLD: Galileo, first launch!

admin/ August 2, 2018/ Geomobility

After many years of waiting, the Galileo satellite positioning system is finally operational! But how can you use the signal? Is my device compatible? What is Galileo? So many questions that will be answered on the website Good reading! #gps #gnss #galileo

BURKINA FASO: Launch of Land Information System tests

admin/ May 4, 2018/ GIS, WebGIS

In partnership with the company ATLAS GIS in Benin, MAPTOGIS won the tender for the deployment of a Land Information System (LIS) as part of the support of fifteen (15) municipalities of the West of Burkina Faso. In this context, we were in charge of setting up the LIS for the management of the issuance of Rural Land Possession Certificates. After studying the existing paper forms, an application was developed

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CÔTE D’IVOIRE: Central spatial data warehouse for the OIPR

admin/ April 20, 2018/ Database, GIS

As part of the PROFIAB II project, MAPTOGIS set up a centralized spatial database for the Ivorian Office of Parks and Reserves (OIPR). This project should allow for enhanced collaboration between the GIS activities of the General Management (DG) based in Abidjan and the five Zone Directions (DZ). Résultats attendus A PostgreSQL / PostGIS database is available at the DG, functional, accessible via the internet with QGIS, in read mode

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